Who are the cat and dog all over your site?
Tiki, the Japanese Bobtail, and Gigi the Chihuahua! They're both from Petz 5, and they are the BEST friends I have ever come across in all my years of playing Petz.
They're also some of my oldest. Tiki was adopted in 2004, and Gigi was adopted in 2003. I had older petz, and had been playing much longer...but lost most to corruption.
Luckily I learned how to back petz up, and that hasn't happened again since!

How many Petz can I keep from my requested litter?
As many as you want. The way I see it...you're the reason these Petz were born, since you requested them. Since it was pretty much you who brought them into this world, you should be allowed as many of them as you like, I think.

How soon can I request another litter?
After you get your results emailed to you, you can request another.

Is there a limit to how many litters I can request?
It really depends on how active the site has been lately. I usually don't limit people, but don't abuse this!

How many Petz will you breed per litter?
Four at a time, since this is P4 and it takes plenty of time to do four at a time.

You sent me results, and I haven't replied yet. Can I request another litter now?
Please tell me if you want any from the first litter before you request another. Or else they'll start piling up and I won't know what to do with them.