Misc Pictures!

These are pictures I took just for fun! I like taking pictures of my toys doing stuff. xD I decided to share here. I take a LOT of pictures of Webkinz. xDD Newest are at the top!

My new, home-made Suzu Kitty!!

My attempts to protect Suzu from cat hair during the day...sigh.

My two Barbies. The one on the left I stole from my sister. (Haha!) The one on the right is brand new! I really love them both! I got back into them after my brother's kid rubbed off on me a bit.

Okay so, for the moment, ignore the fact that I have a zombie on my nightstand wearing a wig...Blondie there is sorta an inside joke. xD BUT! See how he's positioned? I'll admit he's not the best stander, and he often falls...but usually it's a face-plant sort of fall. Well, I went in my room earlier and he was like THIS instead...see the picture below!

Believe it or not, I found him like this. Nobody, human OR animal, moved him. It's likely a vibration from my door shutting, or maybe me bumping the nightstand might have messed him up...but how could he have landed that way, even then? He'd have either fallen forward, like he always does, or fallen back and his head hitting the wall would have stopped his fall. Or slid him so his feet were in front of him, and he'd be laying flat STILL. But no...and he's still facing the same way. How the heck did he basically get scooted backwards and pushed into the gap between my nightstand and wall??
I literally don't know what happened, but we're all suspicious of Scrump standing next to him. And whatever happened...it cracked me up to see him like that. Poor guy. xDDD

Some of my Christmas presents from 2015...I love them so much!!

My buddy Kimberly, wearing my pink power ranger night gown I had as a little kid. Goes to show she's the same size I was when I used to carry her around! (Okay, a tad smaller, but very close!) I also got some awesome pug socks a year or two ago, and they never fit. It was cold this winter and I just had the idea to give them to her...and they fit!!

This, and the pic below, are the result of me accidentally leaving my pigeon downstairs while I washed my hair...and my mom and sister having way too much fun with it. HE'S IN A DIAPER! WHY? xDDDD

This, and the pic above, are the result of me accidentally leaving my pigeon downstairs while I washed my hair...and my mom and sister having way too much fun with it. HE'S IN A DIAPER! WHY? xDDDD

After the incident listed below, I put Jiyu back on my extra pillow, without really looking. When I turned back later, I saw he looked drooped over, arms folded in his lap, and very sad and lonely. xDDD But it was so cute!!

My sister texted me a picture of a close-up of one of her plush toys, so I fought back with a picture of my Giraffe, Jiyu. xDDD You can't really see his eyes though.

The Peridot Suzu is wearing has a teeeeeny tiny hole for the string to go through. My colored string was too thick, so I had to use smaller string and like connect it to the prettier colored string and...
It was long, hard work to get it to look decent. It still doesn't look FABULOUS but it'll do!

My new Monster High doll, Spectra, chilling on my bed with Pillow Dog...and my new Scooby Doo ball!

Spectra is looking at the other side of my new Scooby Doo ball!

Spectra actually looks great along-side Miyako! I guess they're buddies now!

Dressing up my new Rufus, from Kim Possible! Hehe!

Another shot of the above. xD

Amai Ichigo and Sunny Fate say hello to the fishies in the pond!

Amai keeps glowing because of the sun. I was trying another shot to stop it, but this shot looks bad too, sigh.

More exploring of the fishies!

Jubilee and Karaoke exploring the rock waterfall.

Another angle of Karaoke and Jubilee exploring.

Mizutama Jinenji and Heather Peridot posing by the pond!

Closer shot of Mizutama and Heather!

Senshi found a cute little lamp light!!

Sunny sitting next to a Pelican. Apparently the sunlight made him glow...now he looks like a holy pelican. xDDD

Sunny trying to scale the rock waterfall in our back yard...hey, is that a little dinosaur up there??

Sunny taking a peek into the planting pot. I think it's more weeds in there, but it still looks pretty!

More of Sunny looking into the planting pot.

I think this is my favorite picture from that day...Sunny sniffing around on the stone path!

Sunny walking along a small brick wall...and saying hi to the bunnies there!

Another shot of Sunny on the wall.

The random gang of Webkinz I gathered to go play outside!
Sunny Fate, Senshi, Mizutama Jinenji, Yume, Heather Peridot, Karaoke, Jubilee and Amai Ichigo!

The gang on the swing again!

Yume, my new Dreamy Sheep, is saying hello to the owl in our backyard.

My newest Webkinz Cocker Spaniel, Heather Peridot, saying hello to Sunny Fate!

My Velveteen Rabbit dressed up for Christmas in 2012!

Some of the figures I got for Christmas in 2012! Scooby came with a Scooby Memory Game!

I...don't know why...but I put a cup on Aisaru's head, and he looked so funny I couldn't stop laughing...so I took a picture...and I'm still laughing...

The plant in our backyard was turning a pretty red, so I took a picture with Aisaru!

This moss keeps growing out in the back yard...I love feeling it, and I figured Aisaru would too!

Aisaru doing what monkeys do, and climbing in a tree!

More Aisaru in the trees! He looks really nice here!

I love taking pictures of my Webkinz in the trees when they get so pretty. Alegra is posing here!

Closeup of the pic before!

An old picture of Fairy and Duck. I think it was after I got them together for the first time. They're so cute!

One of my favorites, dunno why! Fairy, Duck and Ginger are all braving the swamp in our yard after a rain storm!

I love this picture too. Fairy and Duck exploring!

Duck is in the tree!!

More pictures of Duck and Fairy together for the first time!

Duck, Fairy and Ginger are exploring...and Fairy's nose is leading her into trouble!

Awww. Duck loves her new big sister, Fairy!

These are my favorite types of Webkinz, I call them the Frizz Dogs because of their fur. I decided to collect four of each, and one of each of the Lil Kinz versions. (They never made a Lil Kinz Brown Dog though...but if they do, I shall get it!! Same if they make more from this base.)
Anyway! This is when I completed that collection. Kinda sad, maybe I'll get more someday! They all look so different in the face, it's awesome how unique they are!
Left to right, Brown Dogs in front are last.
Duck, Fairy, Ginger, Tilly, Shaggie, Sunny, Miu, Bunny, Honey, Malli...then left to right from the Brown Dog row in front...Chibi, Jessie, Suzie-Q, and Kokoro!
NEW I have since collected one more Webkinz Cocker Spaniel, so this pic is out of date...by one. xD

Hiro and Kisa!! (Fruits Basket fans should get the referance. xD)

Jessie found a nest during winter! It's pretty much abandoned now, but it sure has survived some tough weather! Been there for a couple years!

Sunny is now looking at the same nest in the same tree...during spring. Wow what a difference. :O

Aww. Jessie looks like she's daydreaming!

Kouga isn't really a Webkinz...he's an Animal Alley wolf, but I count him as a Webkinz. He's intended to be the plush of the online-only Wolf. xD ANYWAY. He's guarding my fort. xDD

IT'S A LEANING TOWER OF PIZZA! -Snort- This is a foolish game I play with my Webkinz. xDD I'm always trying for a new record of how many can be piled up without falling over!

This one is the same as the one above, just with another on top! Poor Elliot is crushed on the bottom!!

Also the same as the two above, with yet another on top. I don't have anymore pictures of this particular tower, so I think this was as high as it could go. xDD

Another Leaning Tower of Pizza. Which, by the way, was named that by Shiori. Shiori is the mini Gold and White cat on the top of this tower.

This one is my current record-holder, but I did this over a year ago...possibly over a FEW years ago. I need to try and top it again soon.

Here it is again, but numbered so you can see how many are really in there. Dude, if somebody wants to play my game and can top me, show me a picture. xDDD

Koneko and Shiori hanging out on the shed! They look photoshopped in...but they're not. o__O It's really odd.

One of my very favorite pictures of Fairy and Duck. Aww!

Chibi looks so adorable with the cherry blossoms!

Fairy and Duck being cute!

Chasil and a kitty I dubbed Kyo, showing off my pumpkins! Wow, that's another old picture!!

Sunny and Ginger were reunited! Long story, (probably longer than a story about plush toy trials of the heart SHOULD be) but basically they were on a store shelf together, I got Ginger as a gift, then two months later I went back and Sunny was still there. Brought her home and they were so happy!

More happy Sunny and Ginger!

JUST AWW. Yep, more Sunny and Ginger!

Sango and Miroku. xD Named after one of my favorite Anime couples!

Shiori took a liking to her new big brother, Koneko!

As if Shiori didn't have enough friends...then I brought home Shikigami!

Fairy and Duck hugging!

Sunny tagged along in her carrying bag when I went to a fair, then Mc Donalds! At the fair, we won the two plushies sitting by her!

Sunny's wearing her big, birthday ribbon! She was exploring my Nana's new house that day!

Sunny exploring down by the water.

One of my favorite pictures. I love this shot for some reason!

There's a little path that goes through the trees behind my Nana's house, and Sunny was exploring there!

Sunny found some nice greenery!

Sunny sitting on an old-fashioned mailbox I found! (and loved xD) I want one like that...

Oh, that's how we traveled to Nana's new house that day. BY BIKE!! Fun!

Now those are some PINK flowers! I love them...

Wheee! Sunny found something special! Make a wish now!

Sunny and Kilala exploring that swamp...everybody likes it there, apparently! (Yes, I know Kilala has the incorrect spelling of the character she's named after. I did it on purpose, I think it's cute!)

Sunny and Kilala were so excited that it rained for once, so we went out and played in it!

Sunny and Kilala also...laid in the rain. And it was very wet.

More fun in the rain!

This was amusing...Sunny was sitting up while I was on the computer, then suddenly, all on her own, she slid and landed like this. She fell asleep!!

Sunny found a new friend!! His name is Toby!

Sunny chilling in the sun!

Melon sitting in some pretty bright yellow leaves!

Now Sunny is exploring the yellow leaves!

You think that's a lot of yellow leaves? No.

THAT is a lot of yellow leaves. xDD