My Hamtaro Toys.

Hamtaro was a cute little Anime about Hamsters, called Ham-Hams. Long story of their lives and adventures could be here, but I won't bother, ahaha! Anyway. I always found the Anime adorable, and I loved the characters. Back when it first came out, lots of toys were in stores of it, and there were more figures online. I loved collecting as many as I could. I have discovered the majority of figures I have here are in fact Knock-Offs, which even have incorrect colors in some places. All the same, with some help from people over at the Ham-Ham Paradise Forum, I was able to identify the ones I didn't recognize! I've added names to the non-main characters' pics.
Anyway, I love these guys. The first picture has slightly bigger, glow-in-the-dark versions of them! Also, I have their play-sets and items too, but I just took pics of the Ham-Hams!