My Kim Possible Toys.

When Kim Possible was on TV, I loved it. When it ended, I was sad...but moved on surprisingly easily. And I forgot about it. Then in 2013 my sister goes and gets me back into it. And I haven't been able to shake the Kim Possible fever...it's only getting worse, haha! So now I'm obsessed all over again, but to a new level. Here's my current toys from the series. Not many, but I love them. Shego obviously isn't really from Kim Possible, I just happened to have a plush dog with the show Shego's colors, and named her after her. Also, I regret to admit...I believe I let go of a squeaky Rufus toy I had from some fast food place years ago. I can't imagine why I let him go, but he's not here...so I guess he's gone. I still mentally count him in though...sorry little Rufus. I wish I hadn't let you go.