My Magical DoReMi Toys.

Magical DoReMi was a really cute (probably aimed at younger kids, ahaha) Anime that I actually discovered THROUGH the toys. I found the tiny, hard figures at a toy store and thought they were adorable and had to get them. I looked them up later, and found the series just started playing on TV, and I loved it! But not only did they cancel it (despite the Japanese version was still going) they canceled making certain toys! Like the bigger dolls you see...they were going to make a big one of the blue Witchling, and possibly the pink Witchling's little sister. I'd seen pictures of them, but I guess they never released them. I was so disappointed...I almost collected them all, too. I have one more toy from this set I forgot to add in...it's the musical object they use to transform! It's so cool!