My Plush Toys.

Very few of these, but some, aren't actually totally plush. Some are a bit less. Some are odd. Some are dolls. I don't really know what makes this bunch come together under one category, but...either way! I love these guys. The problem with me is I looooove plush toys, and have so many. People tell me I need to get rid of some. I find myself missing dearly some I let go...if I had a GURANTEE that the toys I would give up could DEFINITELY be in a place they'd be loved, and NEVER thrown away... Maybe I'd consider letting go of some. But since I can't determine what happens out there...I find myself keeping them close. They're special to me. Whenever I was lonely as a kid, I had them to play with. I just feel like...they've been there through EVERYTHING with me...I want to be there for them. I don't want to lose them, or have them wind up somewhere nobody will love them. It's kind of a complicated situation, ahaha.
They all have names. They've finally been added to their pictures! Most have 'double names' so they're not 100% the same as another's name. Some names are from when I was a kid. Some were named by other people. Some were named funny things, some were named seriously for things I treasure...there's a reason behind a ton of these names. They all mean something to me.