My Power Ranger Toys.

Probably the most "boyish" of the things I adored growing up...Power Rangers. (Only the 1st group...I'm sure it's just as good these days since it's still going on, wow, but I'll always have a senti-mental attachment to the first gang.) They were my heros, the stars of my games, dreams, playing, talk...everything. I raved about them endlessly. I collected most of these toys back then. Megazord, Dragonzord, Titanus...uhhh...the big Goldar, and the pink bird monster are some of my very new ones. I'm so amazed with the Zords in the first picture. THEY CAN COMBINE, AND COME APART TO BE SMALLER ZORDS, JUST LIKE THE SHOW!! I wanted something like that when I was a kid, but figured it never existed. HAD to buy it when I found it in a store recently. (How lucky I was there that day!!) Anyway. I treasure these guys!! Oh also, the two little guys on the far-left of the second picture aren't related to Power Rangers. They're two random figures I got sometime when I was playing with my Power Rangers, and they kinda "joined" forces. xDD