What I Like:
Some of my hexies require a trade. And sometimes people would like to breed for me, so here's a good list.
I like any and all bred Petz, but everybody has their weakness.
These are my specific weaknesses, in alphabetical order:
(You get bonus points with me if you can guess a weakness I haven't listed. ;D)

Traits and Styles:

Alley Ears!
The scruffy, torn Alley ears are awesome. xD Dunno why, they just are. They look so cool and...well, scruffy! I just love it!

Black Snout Patches!
I believe this is a Great Dane trait? Doesn't really matter, since I love it on anyone. Double snout patches (black and white) are awesome too, but even just a single black snout patch makes me extra happy. It always looks so epic!

Big Dachshunds!
This is a craze that both me and my sister share and gush over often...basically a Dachshund in shape and in the face, but bigger! We have a bunch of different kinds of Dogz like these, and it seems like the Sheepdog personality pops up in these often, and we find that to be a huge bonus. xD They're SO cute!!

Black Alley Catz!
I LOVE all black alleys, but some white here and there looks lovely too. Any eye color is great, but I love pink!

Calico Oshies!
Okay I'm not quite as WILD about this as I am with Calico Russians...but I've found some amazingly beautiful Calico Oshies like the ones pictured, and they really do look dreamy!
Haha, I'm terrible at telling what an Oshie face even looks like, compared to B+W Shorthair and Maine Coon, but oh well, haha!

Calico Patches!
I am not talking about the Calico marking, where their actual body comes in three or so different colors. I'm talking about the patches...the random, colorful splotches that sometimes appear! Those are always fun somehow, and the more, the better! Then again, very few can look refined and pretty as well...

Calico Russians!
A VERY serious addiction of mine. But basically a Russian Blue cat, with pretty Calico markings. I'm a little more particular about these ones though. The one on the far-right is a perfect example. Coon ears also look nice on them! (Example below)

Chihuahua Chest Patches!
Apparently Chihuahuas throw their own unique chest patch, and it's a lovely creamy color! I absolutely LOVE it! Double chest patches (cream on white, like the black Dali in the picture) are also wonderful, but pretty much any cream chest patch is a huge bonus. I love it!

Chihuahua Whiskers!
Okay, since it seems like this trait is usually DISLIKED, and most might assume I fall into the usual category...I decided to put this here to say, no. I happen to ADORE Chi whiskers on dogz! (As pictured, it seems smaller dogz and Dachshund faces wear it best, but I like them on any dog!) It just gives them that extra bit of cuteness, and I can't help squealing when I've bred one with whiskers because I can't take the cuteness. xD I dunno. Something about those little whiskers framing a dog's cute little snout is just adorable to me, and anything with whiskers will be adored, for sure!

Cream Labs!
I've noticed that...while I like Labs, I'm usually not one to gush over them quite as much as the other Dogz. But for some reason, whenever I see cream labs...especially with curly coats, but any coat is fine...that's when the gushing starts. xD Especially if they have red-brown accents. White and brown are nice too! Blue eyes are also nice. But in general...cream labs!!

Deceiving Petz!
Basically...Dogz that behave like Poodles, but don't look like Poodles at all. Or Catz that behave like Alley Catz, but don't look like Alleys at all.
The more surprising they look, the better. xD

Fluffy Calico Russians!
I ALSO like Calico Russians with tails like this...(Maine Coon tail on the first three, Persian or Chinchilla Persian tail on the last one) And ears like this. (Maine Coon ears!) The ears look BEST with catz with these tails...but it works either way. These ones look a tad fluffier than the normal Calico Russians, but I still love them!

Honey Muzzles!
Basically just golden colored muzzles. They remind me of honey, and with the whole snout being golden, it almost looks like a dog stuck its' whole muzzle into a honey pot! I love it! I pictured all Great Danes, and I do particularly like it on Danes, but I will not complain if it's on any other dog as well!

Maine Coon Texture!
I really love the Maine Coon texture! It's such a vivid reddish-orange color, it looks like glowing embers! It's beautiful, no matter what coat color it's on! I think red and orange coats with this texture might be my top favorites, but I love white too, since it looks like snowy mountains. Blue is good too though...argh, so many!!

Mismatched Lids!
Okay, so I like 'selfie eyelids' as much as the next person, and I love those as well. But so many people are quick to delete or toss aside the petz with bad eyelids. I've developed a habit of taking in some with bad eyelids that nobody else would want...and you know what? Over time I actually started really LIKING the look. I always say it, but it gives them an extra splash of color. I kind of see it as an extra patch or marking that adds to their coloring, and I dunno, it spices petz up sometimes!
Not all can play off mismatched lids as perfectly as the cat on the far-left, but I really like the extra color on petz too. So if you ever end up with a mixie you don't want to delete, but nobody wants it because of the eyelids...odds are, I'd love it!

Mistle Bullies!
This is another that's tricky to get JUST right...like my Specific Shorties, I don't entirely know what it is about this look. I look at a pet, and I know it's one of these kinds, but I'm not sure WHY. The best example is Mistletoes, the dog on the top. I adopted him from a MPA years ago, and he's been one of my favorite Bulldogs ever since, and so I named this 'type' of Bullie mix after him. It's basically a very Bullie shaped/sized dog, with the curly Poodle coat. It has Bullie ears (though Dane and possibly Scottie work too, but Bullie is best) and while any tail works, shorter ones work best. They also have patched paws. Not the toe color only, the entire paw has to be another color, and preferably all of them have to be colored! If those colored paws have patches (like Mistletoes) as well, that's the very best of all! Different muzzle colors (than the main body) are also nice!
I dunno why, they just look so fabulous. xDD

Orange Shorthair Body!
Pretty sure this body shape is an Orange Shorthair shape, right? Well, I love it. I'm not really picky on the overall style of the cat, or the shape/style of the legs...I just love the 'sloping' shape as the body curves upward. It kind of gives more, well, shape to a cat body than most of the other shapes do. And I love that it makes their butts look bigger, haha! Somehow it's so adorable on a cat!

Orange Shorthair Texture!
Face and points don't have to be black. Black might be my favorite, but I also adore dusty. And brown. But can you make one I haven't seen yet?
Either way, any cat with this golden, mottled texture, I would looove.

Pink Tux Danes!
I made that title up, so I didn't have to keep saying 'black danes with full white muzzles and pink eyes' because that was just too much! Thanks to a certain someone in the Petz Comminuty, I discovered a new weakness of mine...which would be dogz like these. They look better if the paws aren't a solid white sock, like the Poodle markings. Instead the 'partially' marked paws, which are thanks to Mutt patches, look the best! I'm thinking this craze of mine runs off the Black Alley Catz run, meaning...if it's black with pink eyes, I'll likely fall in love! I guess throwing white in the mix helps! (Also if it's on my 'specific Shortie', described better below, that's awesome too!)

Plush Toy Mutts!
Named for what the remind me of...floppy plush toys! The basic look for this selective breeding I love is... Slim body and legs, Sheepie feet and ears, Mutt face, and although a fluffy tail is preferred, any is fine really. This Dali tail seems to be most common. xD I'm not particular about any markings, but Mutt patches do look nice.

Possessed Eye Labs!
Or Possessed Labs for short. You know how Labs sometimes have bigger than normal pupils, and it makes the iris nearly fill up the eye ball? Well, if a lab has the pure black eye color, and a pure black, matching eyelid...it makes them actually look pretty creepy!! They almost look possessed! But I think it's so creepy, it's cool! I really love it! If they have lighter black eyelids, like the dog on the top of the graphic, the look still works okay, but the very best are when their eyelids blend in with the eyes, to make them even creepier!!

Shaggy Labs!
Founded by my dog, Shaggy. (The boy at the top of this pic!) He's made it clear to me, that I absolutely ADORE cream and black labs, particularly with pink eyes. But as the others in the image show, other eye colors can be nice too! I prefer the cream to be on the front-half of the dog, as swapping the colors around creates an entirely different kind of love. Which is good, but not quite the same as loving one of these. The cream and black where they're at is what makes me the weakest! Absolutely love this combo!

Smooth Coats!
I don't know why, but I adore this texture. <3 Some Catz have it too. (Like the black alley on the right of another example.)
Cat or dog, I don't mind. I just adore this texture.

Specific Shorties!
I love Shortie Dogz, but only a CERTAIN TYPE interest me. Like the ones in the pictures.
The dog in the middle has the PERFECT, PERFECT body-shape. Perfect body, perfect legs...I'm told it's a Dane Body, so I guess that's the body shape I love for Shorties. Her legs though....I just don't know WHAT THEY ARE!
The one on the right...that one has a Lab body! It makes the legs look so much shorter, so I really like these too.
The one on the left is short in more ways than one. xD These ones can be tricky to get just right, and they don't always get me the same way, but they can!
Dachshund and Dali bodies don't look the best on shorties. Too thin and long. But I can't pinpoint what bodies are right, but I'll know them if they melt me. xD Dane and Lab bodies seem to work best, but I dunno if there's others that work well or not! I ASSUME it's the short bullie, scottie or dachshund LEGS that make a good shortie, but again, I don't know. That's all the info I can give. I haven't figured out what body parts are what. xD

But there are some, like these that won't work for me.
Face doesn't matter, but Scottie or Dachshund often make it look too much like a Dachshund or Scottie overall. Which isn't always good.

Specific Shorties with Smooth Coats!
Doubley dreamy!!! If you can pull off a good shortie size and shape WITH a smooth coat...I'll be in Heaven. <33
The ones pictured are a bit TOO long, but they're the closest I have.

Teddy Bear Danes!
I don't actually know WHAT is triggering my excitement here. The two Dogz in the middle both have it, and the ones on the ends are close enough. I'm assuming it's a combo of curly coat, BROWN Sheepdog ears (no other color seems to work!) and while not required, a bobtail helps it look more teddy bear-like! I've really only noticed the look on Danes. Unsure how I feel about it with other Dogz, but it looks adorableee on Danes!! This might be a tricky one to get just right. Like my specific Shorties...I'm not 100% sure WHAT gets me excited about them, and it varies.

Colors and Personalities:

These are my favorite Cat Personalities!
I love them all, but I think these are my favorites! Alleys, DEFINITELY love those. They act tough, but they're really very loving and sweet and just melt when you pet them! Love their insane antics too! The Calico is destined to make people's day. It's happy about everything, and just makes you feel happy about everything right along with it! Love love the snooty Siamese! It's so funny to watch petz think they're the best thing on the planet, then they do something goofy by mistake, haha! Persians, just awww!! They're fluffy, floppy, loving and very patient. I can be a bit lazy myself, so they almost seem like me in catz form! And Chinchilla Persians...the most innocent pet on the game with those big, sweet eyes and all those head tilts...but they do things crazy enough to even rival the alley!!

These are my favorite Dog Personalities!
Again, I love them all, but these ones have to be my favorite. I can't get enough of the Poodle's snootiness, especially since they really AREN'T as graceful as they'd like to think. xDD I ADORE the Sheepdog's floppity-ness, and its' endearing "doofus" thing it's got going on. It's not the brightest, but that's what makes it so cute!! And I just LOVE Mutts because they are SO happy, friendly, loving...they're like the ideal best friend. They're up for completely anything, and they WILL make you feel better on a rainy day.
Kinda funny. I have more favorite cat personalities listed, but I THINK I like dogz the best. It's literally by a .1% xD I adore both species!

These are my favorite eye colors!
There's a bunch I like. Pink is my FAVORITE, especially 181 as it's more a salmon color. I love the green shade pictured here...I LOVE pure black, and oddly enough, I LOVE teal! xD I've also recently started loving light grey eyes, or 173/174 colored eyes! (Grey, with an almost purple hue!) It's so pretty!!

Lots Of Black Plush!
This is mostly for hexies, but I love the Plush texture...especially on black petz...ESPECIALLY if there's LOTS of it!! Dunno why, but it makes me crazy! <3

Dusty And Black Petz!
One of my most common requests for hexie customs is dusty and black, with 181 eyes. xD I love any pet that's dusty and black...pink eyes are a huge plus!

Dusty And Cream Petz!
I also love petz that are dusty and cream! (Again, pink eyes are a big plus!)

Dusty, Black AND Cream Petz!
Alright, so mix all those favorite colors together...you get a dusty, cream and black pet with pink eyes...I'm in Heaven!!